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Nov 13, 2021  


The software is called VIRUP, for Virtual Reality Universe Project, and a first beta version is being released today. “You can navigate through the most detailed map of the universe from the comfort of your own home,” explains Jean-Paul Kneib, director of LASTRO. “It’s the chance to travel through space, through time, my sources and discover the universe.” The VIRUP challenge: visualizing terabytes of data at once Astronomers and astrophysicists are collecting data about billions of celestial objects in the night sky with the help of telescopes here on Earth and in space. There are already decades of observational data. Even greater amounts of data are expected in the near future. In order to get visual representations of the vast amounts of data, like a movie, it’s standard practice to pre-render specific sequences. But what about creating a visual representation of the data in real-time, as if you were there, an observer at an arbitrary point in space and time? This is what astrophysicist Yves Revaz of LASTRO set out to do with the VIRUP, with the help of LASTRO software engineer Florian Cabot, and it meant rendering terabytes of data at 90 frames per second. The latter constraint is imposed by the virtual reality environment, for a fully immersive and smooth experience. Under a dome showing the virtual universe. From left to right: Florian Cabot, Sarah Kenderdine, Yves Revaz, Jean-Paul Kneib.

Kaj and Janet – with rescue pup Niko – are Miss Starla’s new family. Kaj says they read about her here on WSB and got their application in fast to beat the rush. “We brought her home this weekend, and she’s been quickly adapting to her new environment, showing off her personality.” 11 Replies to "FOLLOWUP: Miss Starla finds a new home - in West Seattle!" Love this! I had a guinea pig previously and he lived with us for 5 years and was super fun. So glad he found a good home!! So glad that Ms. Starla founds what looks to be a fine home with fine family members.  This added to my morning happiness.  May you live long and prosper Ms. Starla!

More than 2,800 have been wrongly convicted in the US. Lawmakers and advocates want to make sure they're paid their dues. Morris, 18 years-old at the time, had been identified on the scene of the 2004 murder of Mustafa Carter and arrested by a police officer, who was one of the key witnesses, according to State's Attorney for Baltimore City director of communications Zy Richardson. Morris was convicted in 2005 and was sentenced to life suspended all but fifty years, according to the state's attorney's office. The CIU investigation concluded that an additional suspect other than read full report Morris had been identified and investigated before Morris' trial, but this was not disclosed to his defense attorneys, nor was the fact that the arresting officer had a previous misconduct finding, according to the state's attorney's office. "That police officer was much later convicted of various crimes relating to fraud and placed on our 'Do Not Call' list, a list that we published last week, where we believe the officer is no longer credible to call as a witness in any case," Richardson said. In addition, the CIU investigation found that DNA on the victim's pants did not match Morris, and statements of the only identifying witness were contradictory. The investigation found "crime scene analysis, additional witnesses and attendant circumstances strongly suggests Mr. Morris was not involved when considered under a totality of circumstances," the state's attorney's office said.