Further Guidelines For Logical Solutions In Children

Nov 07, 2021  

“We are very thankful that this vaccine is available so now we can protect our kids, and we just feel so happy that they were able to get it,” said Ashley Point, a mother of three who brought her two oldest sons, ages nine and seven, to get vaccinated at the county’s vaccine clinic site at Independence Mall. The Pfizer vaccine is now available in kids-sized doses, which is one-third of the adult dosage. Once Point learned her children were eligible to get vaccinated, she got them in line right away. “Just to be able to hopefully end this pandemic would be awesome,” Point said. Emily Hudson said seeing the shot go into her 10-year-old son’s arm is a weight off her shoulders. “It’s a relief. It’s a relief,” Hudson said. “Sending them back to school and the masks, you know, they do a little bit but it doesn’t do everything and, so, I’ll feel better with him being in school five days a week if he’s a little more protected.” Other parents say, now that their kids can get the vaccine, they feel like a return to normalcy is even closer than before.


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